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Before starting a permanent make up eyebrow, eyeliner, lips, hair capillary or moles, it is advisable to do a Trial which stays for 1 day and 1 night, in order to allow the ASIA SPA specialist to draw you a most suitable shape which is adaptable to your face, and choose the desired colour together.


This service begins with a restructuring of the eyebrow shape, to ensure a beautiful pigmentation result.

Just like all professional plastics surgery, we will start by tracing the desired shape of eyebrow and correcting the balancing of both eyebrows, for achieving a perfect look of eyebrows. To make clients more confidence, we will trace the shape by an eyebrow pencil and chose together the desired shape with the selected colour. This step aims to create an illusion of a very natural eyebrow.


After that, we will start to proceed to the micro pigmentation process. Once the micro-pigmentation is done, your eyebrow look will be prettier, younger and more intense, because the method that we use is to draw and imitate the eyebrow hair, line by line, on our natural eyebrow in order to conserve its natural aspect. It is advisable to use the specific cream on eyebrows after the micro-pigmentation session, for assuring a perfect fixation of the colour and keeping the eyebrows in a good long-term.

Treatment Time

The procedure takes 2 to 3 hours.

Pos-treatment care

No water on the zone for one week

Apply an after-care cream on that area for 10days or 28 days

Pos-treatment care

No water on the zone for one week


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PUREBEAU commissioned HYGIENE-INSTITUT BERLIN to test its inks for hygienic and microbiological safety and received 100{20fb361a38e1c2214dc0e53d949cf6a8e5cc819f1e730985e6bb0499b3e5df1a} confirmation. None of the samples showed the slightest bacterial or fungal growth (even after 12 days of testing!). That means 0{20fb361a38e1c2214dc0e53d949cf6a8e5cc819f1e730985e6bb0499b3e5df1a} germs and safety.

Besides being awarded the highest possible marks (“very good”) from Dermatest for dermatological and allergic safety, random samples of PUREBEAU inks are constantly tested for purity by international food quality officials and health inspectors as well as the Food Quality and Veterinary Inspection Office in Berlin – and they pass with flying colours every time.

Quality control
All PUREBEAU inks and micropigments are subject to strict controls and meet the highest quality standards. All ink and micropigment products are dermatologically, allergenically and hyperallergenically tested. There are no risks in connection with medical and, in particular, radiological examinations (computer tomography).

Dermatest has tested the complete range of PUREBEAU microcolour pigments and inks as regards their dermatological and allergenic safety, and awarded a “very good”. All the results from the patch test in accordance with international guidelines were negative and there were no allergic or toxic-irritative incompatibility reactions.

Price list

Maquillage Permanent – TRIAL (1 day)


Maquillage Permanent Eyebrow Semi-Permanent


Maquillage Permanent Eyebrow Permanent



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