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Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lips, Moles…

Thanks to Permanent make-up, it is no longer needed to put make up everyday.

      • It is perfect for women who wish to save time and hate makeup fades away.
      • The method used, originated from Japan, guaranties you an aspect of a very natural look.
      • It is a very precise and careful work which requires a lot of patience.
      • The technique consists to implant the mineral pigments on the outer layer of the skin, and allows no daily make up is necessary.
      • ASIA SPA used the finest technique called ” hair by hair” from Japanese skills without using any electrical tattoos machine, and we respect the french health and safety rules ‘SINGLE USE’ material only, as to french hygiene law ”Décret no.2008-149 du 19 Februrary 2008.”
      • It takes 2 to 3 hours for doing one session of permanent make-up.

Once done, it lasts two to five years. Depends on client’s’ desire, you can have a simple retouch from time to time. This pigmentation skill and tool are not the same as to tattoos.

Please feel free to take appointment for trial, we are pleased to advise you on your needs.

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